Selecting the best aftermarket wheels for your track day car

Regardless of what kind of automotive enthusiast you are you likely had your fair share of modification bugs. We got our hands on a set of demo and trial wheels for our project car this week, the company of choice we selected was a California based company that manufactures and produces rims for southern USA as well as Canada. The wheels we were reviewing are the Forgestar CF10 model for our 1992 240sx project car! The car is fitted with a SR20 as well as some BC Racing coilovers. The car is primarily a race vehicle however it has been used for Auto-Cross events as well. We will be updating our post with a full review in the coming days.

All ESR wheels are a cast aluminum core that encompasses multiple different colors and custom rivets. We also plan to release an entire youtube series that will highlight our videos of drift practice and lapping days! If you are in the market for a set of high quality wheels, available in a custom color check out this brand as they make some very affordable wheels that are quite durable.

Garage Organization for the Mancave

I believe it is time to write an article on garage organization for all of my automotive followers. I purchased my first home a couple years back and as sacred of a place the garage should be for any man, mine always seemed to be that of a disaster. Tools all over the place, a project that is always half completed, metal shavings on the floor and in reality just a dis-organized space in which nothing has a home or pre-thought out area for that item to live. I have compiled this article with a couple tips to help out anyone that is looking to re-organize or perhaps bring on a new motorcycle project or project car. Whether your building your car, maintaining it or just detailing it you want to be able to find the correct tool for the correct job and what the point in having hundreds of tools if you can never find them. End of my rant, organization is important!! Even if you no longer need several things within your garage when you relocate, devote shelves and shelves. Sure, they may be empty for a while, but they’ll fill quickly with what you require a abode

Season after season, my various yard tools would end up leaning against my s2000 in the garage.Until one morning I woke up with a sense of change in mind and decided to revamp the entire man cave corner.

In the spare room, Ron has this rack system from Husky in place where each tool dangles individually. Acquiring the tool you need is simple and they’re began. I desired the identical system.

We mounted the rack from Husky to my wall then added the hanging add-ons. Pretty easy, and I’ve still got space in my rack to incorporate more tools

Furthermore for the wall-mounted shelves, Ron has some stand-alone shelving models in the spare room. He built one from scrap wood (greatly like the basement shelves we shown you building a few years back) which he bought another in your home improvement store. Ron was game for building us a sizable wood shelving unit, but he mentioned there is a large amount of great pre-great metal shelves nowadays he recommend just buying one. So that’s a few things i did.

In reality organization is key and important for any project! regardless if you are doing yard work, working on a motorcycle, installing coil-overs, changing wheels or any-type of maintenance work! you want to be able to have the correct wheels for the correct job!..