Selecting the best aftermarket wheels for your track day car

Regardless of what kind of automotive enthusiast you are you likely had your fair share of modification bugs. We got our hands on a set of demo and trial wheels for our project car this week, the company of choice we selected was a California based company that manufactures and produces rims for southern USA as well as Canada. The wheels we were reviewing are the Forgestar CF10 model for our 1992 240sx project car! The car is fitted with a SR20 as well as some BC Racing coilovers. The car is primarily a race vehicle however it has been used for Auto-Cross events as well. We will be updating our post with a full review in the coming days.

All ESR wheels are a cast aluminum core that encompasses multiple different colors and custom rivets. We also plan to release an entire youtube series that will highlight our videos of drift practice and lapping days! If you are in the market for a set of high quality wheels, available in a custom color check out this brand as they make some very affordable wheels that are quite durable.

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