Changing Your Vehicles Motor Oil

Since I’ve possessed my first vehicle, I’ve always taken the time to dig into basic maintenance and pursue some of the easier jobs that I don necessarily need to send off to a mechanic Some of these jobs can include changing the engine motor oil on a vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer specifications as every one is different you will require a couple basic things. Firstly is new oil, a drain-pan, a wrench or ratchet to loosen the plug and a new oil filter.
However it never felt right.

Now in the past and prior to me taking on this job I personally would stare out the window in to the garage watching the mechanics work diligently on my small vehicle. I’d think, “That looks relatively easy. Why shall we be held having to pay another guy money for a simple job which i could do myself?”

Additionally towards the bitterness I felt for having to pay another guy to alter my oil, I had been also jealous. I respected the understanding and abilities individuals males who done my vehicle had, and that i desired to have the ability to get it done too.

Well, after ten years of taking my vehicle to some quick lube to alter my oil, I finally got around to finding out how to alter the oil within my vehicle recently. And boy made it happen feel great.

Basically what you will want to do is loosen the drain plug, jack the vehicle up prior to this, than slide the catch tray underneath the loosened plug, continue to loosen the plug until it falls our into the pan or catch tray! let all the gross oil drain out in the pan and while this is happening get up top of the vehicle and unscrew the oil filter! Once this is replaced you will want to lubricate the o-ring on the oil filter as well! you should put the drain plug back into the oil-pan, use a crush washer! torque to manufacturer specifications. Than replace oil, use a funnel if your new to this and than check the level with the dipstick.

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