Tesla Releases New Vehicle at Affordable Pricing

Living in the 21st century we have seen some very memorable items, things and people come into our diverse world. One of those individuals without question is Tesla CEO Elon Musk and individual whom makes dreams reality. As of September 1st Elon has recently released a new vehicle lineup and or plans to product the next luxury electric SUV, a vehicle that performs exponentially well costs next to nothing in terms of entry level vehicle and it also sports some very cool features like SLS like doors that open up like your 6 figure Lamborghini.

In a press release Elon came forward stating. Our next generation vehicle is a more compact minimizing cost sedan! Plans for production are dependent on a couple different factors however we are confident we can see initial production start in the next couple years. He states it cannot be built before the company’s giant battery factory is put into play, as Tesla calls it, is prepared. Musk has stated the vehicle needs lower-cost batteries to be able to be the pricing structure currently set fourth. On-top of this the factory also has plans to be the leader in supplying this type of energy technology to other brands and companies. Once our facility comes online we can start further production on our own vehicle as well as support and encourage further developments using such technology.

In a number of online articles and twitter tweets,musk stated his wants to make the electric car affordable for the everyday consumer! Electric vehicles are the generation of the future we need to look for other types of transportation. This is the solution and I want to see this spread into a more readily available market for the everyday consumer.

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