What Automotive Lowering Setup is Best for me?

A couple weeks ago i received an email from a subscriber asking if I had any information in regards to what is the best way for him to lower his vehicle. After a couple days of pushing off the topic and really taking the time to brainstorm the different options I came forward to identify the three major options I wanted to explore. Firstly was coil-overs, secondly was lowering springs and the last and most costly solution that came to mind was air ride.

Now everyone in their right mind visualizes air ride and immediately pictures a Cadillac Eldorado bouncing off of the ground in a mainstream rap video however in modern day car tuning air ride has become a great competitor. I mean being able to raise your car up 12 inches to clear exceptionally bold speed bumps does sound like a great thing! However is it worth the 5k price tag? This is up for debate.

Now What I always say is the most important variable would be to identify what you are using the vehicle for! For example, the man who would like to take his vehicle out and compete in a rally will have and or should have a significantly different suspension setup compared to an individual who is taking his vehicle to some “stanced” vehicle meet. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all “right” answer – like putting on the best clothing right occasion, you have to setup your suspension to complete anything you plan related to the vehicle.

Lowering Springs were produced for that express reason for decreasing the ride height of the vehicle by a set fee, typically with retaining some extent of security in mind however these springs put appearance first and definitely have the ability to compromise the way the vehicle handles. Lowering springs replace your OEM springs to reduce your vehicle’s ride height. Sport Springs, however are usually built around one purpose and that is to lower the vehicle but cont compromise performance in anyway. The actually amount dropped is done with knowledge and and end goal to enhance handling greater than appearance, centered on enhancing the vehicle’s ride and handling qualities.

Now another alternative to lowering spring is obviously the coil-over spring! This is the solution we ended up choosing for our project Honda civic vehicle! I purchased a set of bc racing coilovers and they gave my vehicle an aggressive look however they actually performed better than my stock suspension so this is win win. Anyways a coilover is basically a shock absorber having a coil spring all around the shock, in the past you used to purchase a strut and a spring separately a coilover is a product that has both items put together and it allows you to adjust height as well as dampening in most cases.

If you wish to drastically decrease your vehicle statically, want superior handling performance or simply want the opportunity to “dial in” or adjust your suspension, Coilovers are most likely the best option for you personally.

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