The Top 6 Car Modifications of 2018

The day you get your first car is a step into a fresh chapter you will ever have. Your first car will also offer you a sense of independence to be yourself including showing yourself off on the road. Car alterations can be costly but, at exactly the same time, it enhances your confidence and provides you real street cred. Listed below are the several types of car improvements you could try.

Chilly Air In-take Assembly – Installing one of these not only increases the performance, but it additionally assists the engine unit with cooling down. Long journeys or intense travelling can cause the engine unit to overheat, just what exactly is a better item to set up than an air consumption?

Short Shifter Unit installation – This change is simply for having a great time on the streets. The brief shifter minimizes the length before needing to change gears. Often, a brief shifter also helps the drivers with increasing quickness that could be useful when overtaking those slow-moving drivers.
Car Wrapping – Car wrapping is designed for those car owners who don’t need to get the chassis coated. There’s also more patterns, colorings and styles you can use and is a lot cheaper than getting the automobile repainted. The drawback to having your vehicle wrapped is easy harm to the material. After the materials have been torn or damaged, the car should be rewrapped.

Spoiler set up – You will discover tasteful and useful means of setting up a spoiler set up and then there are pointless and unappealing spoiler kits that lots of people set up. This wing was made to assist the automobile with aerodynamics and the right forms make the framework look good. Other spoiler sets look disproportionate to all of those other cars.

New Tires – Ensure that you select the accurate size tires for your vehicle. Some tires have never been designed to fit within the steering wheel well. The low information looks good with any car whether it’s new or old.

Car improvements are a means that you can share yourself without overspending on a whole new performance car. Additionally, it is better to get simple appearance improvements that make the feeling of other motorists.

Selecting the best aftermarket wheels for your track day car

Regardless of what kind of automotive enthusiast you are you likely had your fair share of modification bugs. We got our hands on a set of demo and trial wheels for our project car this week, the company of choice we selected was a California based company that manufactures and produces rims for southern USA as well as Canada. The wheels we were reviewing are the Forgestar CF10 model for our 1992 240sx project car! The car is fitted with a SR20 as well as some BC Racing coilovers. The car is primarily a race vehicle however it has been used for Auto-Cross events as well. We will be updating our post with a full review in the coming days.

All ESR wheels are a cast aluminum core that encompasses multiple different colors and custom rivets. We also plan to release an entire youtube series that will highlight our videos of drift practice and lapping days! If you are in the market for a set of high quality wheels, available in a custom color check out this brand as they make some very affordable wheels that are quite durable.

Changing Your Vehicles Motor Oil

Since I’ve possessed my first vehicle, I’ve always taken the time to dig into basic maintenance and pursue some of the easier jobs that I don necessarily need to send off to a mechanic Some of these jobs can include changing the engine motor oil on a vehicle. Depending on the manufacturer specifications as every one is different you will require a couple basic things. Firstly is new oil, a drain-pan, a wrench or ratchet to loosen the plug and a new oil filter.
However it never felt right.

Now in the past and prior to me taking on this job I personally would stare out the window in to the garage watching the mechanics work diligently on my small vehicle. I’d think, “That looks relatively easy. Why shall we be held having to pay another guy money for a simple job which i could do myself?”

Additionally towards the bitterness I felt for having to pay another guy to alter my oil, I had been also jealous. I respected the understanding and abilities individuals males who done my vehicle had, and that i desired to have the ability to get it done too.

Well, after ten years of taking my vehicle to some quick lube to alter my oil, I finally got around to finding out how to alter the oil within my vehicle recently. And boy made it happen feel great.

Basically what you will want to do is loosen the drain plug, jack the vehicle up prior to this, than slide the catch tray underneath the loosened plug, continue to loosen the plug until it falls our into the pan or catch tray! let all the gross oil drain out in the pan and while this is happening get up top of the vehicle and unscrew the oil filter! Once this is replaced you will want to lubricate the o-ring on the oil filter as well! you should put the drain plug back into the oil-pan, use a crush washer! torque to manufacturer specifications. Than replace oil, use a funnel if your new to this and than check the level with the dipstick.

Tesla Releases New Vehicle at Affordable Pricing

Living in the 21st century we have seen some very memorable items, things and people come into our diverse world. One of those individuals without question is Tesla CEO Elon Musk and individual whom makes dreams reality. As of September 1st Elon has recently released a new vehicle lineup and or plans to product the next luxury electric SUV, a vehicle that performs exponentially well costs next to nothing in terms of entry level vehicle and it also sports some very cool features like SLS like doors that open up like your 6 figure Lamborghini.

In a press release Elon came forward stating. Our next generation vehicle is a more compact minimizing cost sedan! Plans for production are dependent on a couple different factors however we are confident we can see initial production start in the next couple years. He states it cannot be built before the company’s giant battery factory is put into play, as Tesla calls it, is prepared. Musk has stated the vehicle needs lower-cost batteries to be able to be the pricing structure currently set fourth. On-top of this the factory also has plans to be the leader in supplying this type of energy technology to other brands and companies. Once our facility comes online we can start further production on our own vehicle as well as support and encourage further developments using such technology.

In a number of online articles and twitter tweets,musk stated his wants to make the electric car affordable for the everyday consumer! Electric vehicles are the generation of the future we need to look for other types of transportation. This is the solution and I want to see this spread into a more readily available market for the everyday consumer.

How to change a tire

Here is a quick video that highlights one of the most important things to do with a vehicle. If you dont know how to change a tire on a vehicle follow these steps or spend a couple minutes watching this video.. Pack all of the knowledge into your memory..

What Automotive Lowering Setup is Best for me?

A couple weeks ago i received an email from a subscriber asking if I had any information in regards to what is the best way for him to lower his vehicle. After a couple days of pushing off the topic and really taking the time to brainstorm the different options I came forward to identify the three major options I wanted to explore. Firstly was coil-overs, secondly was lowering springs and the last and most costly solution that came to mind was air ride.

Now everyone in their right mind visualizes air ride and immediately pictures a Cadillac Eldorado bouncing off of the ground in a mainstream rap video however in modern day car tuning air ride has become a great competitor. I mean being able to raise your car up 12 inches to clear exceptionally bold speed bumps does sound like a great thing! However is it worth the 5k price tag? This is up for debate.

Now What I always say is the most important variable would be to identify what you are using the vehicle for! For example, the man who would like to take his vehicle out and compete in a rally will have and or should have a significantly different suspension setup compared to an individual who is taking his vehicle to some “stanced” vehicle meet. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all “right” answer – like putting on the best clothing right occasion, you have to setup your suspension to complete anything you plan related to the vehicle.

Lowering Springs were produced for that express reason for decreasing the ride height of the vehicle by a set fee, typically with retaining some extent of security in mind however these springs put appearance first and definitely have the ability to compromise the way the vehicle handles. Lowering springs replace your OEM springs to reduce your vehicle’s ride height. Sport Springs, however are usually built around one purpose and that is to lower the vehicle but cont compromise performance in anyway. The actually amount dropped is done with knowledge and and end goal to enhance handling greater than appearance, centered on enhancing the vehicle’s ride and handling qualities.

Now another alternative to lowering spring is obviously the coil-over spring! This is the solution we ended up choosing for our project Honda civic vehicle! I purchased a set of bc racing coilovers and they gave my vehicle an aggressive look however they actually performed better than my stock suspension so this is win win. Anyways a coilover is basically a shock absorber having a coil spring all around the shock, in the past you used to purchase a strut and a spring separately a coilover is a product that has both items put together and it allows you to adjust height as well as dampening in most cases.

If you wish to drastically decrease your vehicle statically, want superior handling performance or simply want the opportunity to “dial in” or adjust your suspension, Coilovers are most likely the best option for you personally.

Audi S4 on Avante Garde Wheels

Being automotive enthusiasts ourselves and we came across this great video produced by avante garde wheels! The video is of a great looking B8 Audi S4 sitting on some beautiful AG wheels.

Avante Garde is one of those companies that is really rising through the ranks and proving themselves to be a viable competitor in the aftermarket wheel game! Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

Garage Organization for the Mancave

I believe it is time to write an article on garage organization for all of my automotive followers. I purchased my first home a couple years back and as sacred of a place the garage should be for any man, mine always seemed to be that of a disaster. Tools all over the place, a project that is always half completed, metal shavings on the floor and in reality just a dis-organized space in which nothing has a home or pre-thought out area for that item to live. I have compiled this article with a couple tips to help out anyone that is looking to re-organize or perhaps bring on a new motorcycle project or project car. Whether your building your car, maintaining it or just detailing it you want to be able to find the correct tool for the correct job and what the point in having hundreds of tools if you can never find them. End of my rant, organization is important!! Even if you no longer need several things within your garage when you relocate, devote shelves and shelves. Sure, they may be empty for a while, but they’ll fill quickly with what you require a abode

Season after season, my various yard tools would end up leaning against my s2000 in the garage.Until one morning I woke up with a sense of change in mind and decided to revamp the entire man cave corner.

In the spare room, Ron has this rack system from Husky in place where each tool dangles individually. Acquiring the tool you need is simple and they’re began. I desired the identical system.

We mounted the rack from Husky to my wall then added the hanging add-ons. Pretty easy, and I’ve still got space in my rack to incorporate more tools

Furthermore for the wall-mounted shelves, Ron has some stand-alone shelving models in the spare room. He built one from scrap wood (greatly like the basement shelves we shown you building a few years back) which he bought another in your home improvement store. Ron was game for building us a sizable wood shelving unit, but he mentioned there is a large amount of great pre-great metal shelves nowadays he recommend just buying one. So that’s a few things i did.

In reality organization is key and important for any project! regardless if you are doing yard work, working on a motorcycle, installing coil-overs, changing wheels or any-type of maintenance work! you want to be able to have the correct wheels for the correct job!..